Black & Decker CHV1410 Dust buster 14.4-Volt Cordless Cyclonic Hand Vac

The range of best vacuum cleaner available in the market is very broad and the Black &Decker CHV1410 model dust buster model is one among them. It has a revolving slender nozzle attached to the unit, and which intends to remove dirt in spaces that are difficult to clean. It is an upgraded model, and that provided high performance. The Dust buster is designed to provide better accessibility as well as less twisting. Black & Decker CHV1410 Dust buster 14.4-Volt Cordless Cyclonic hand vac Review can be comprehended online along with appropriate information about the efficacy of this amazing product.

Black & Decker CHV1410 Dust buster 14.4-Volt Cordless Cyclonic Hand Vac

Impressive Features


The Black & Decker CHV1410 model comprises of accessories like crevice tool as well as brush and that are positioned on-board, so that they do not get misplaced. The design of this unit is long-established, and is among the best handheld vacuum, that is quite popular from many years. It is among the best vacuum cleaning equipment that works with a voltage power of 14.4, and is acknowledged for its performance. The power supply is channelized through a nozzle which is suitably broad to clean the clutter in no time, and this is made probable by its robust suction. The filter is also kept clean by the cyclonic action, and emptying this portable as well as light weight Vac cleaner is not at all complicated.

Efficient Vacuum Cleaner


It is an amazing revolutionary tool used for cleaning purpose. Its primary features have remained similar from the time when it has been used as hand held practicality. Cleaning household clutter is by no means a hassle by use of this product. It is fitted with a semi-transparent, bagless dust bowl that makes it easier to see dust, and that is simple to take out. It is in addition suitable to wash the bowl, and in this way hygienic cleaning of the filters can be done. Storing this product is not at all difficult as it can be placed vertically, horizontally or be mounted on a way in a versatile manner.

Special Features of Black & Decker CHV1410 model


There is a special indicator light for charging installed on the vacuum cleaner which indicates efficient usage of the equipment. You can attain this product online after reading Black Decker CHV1410 Dust buster 14.4-Volt Cordless Cyclonic Hand Vac Review online. But care should be taken to purchase it from reliable websites. These websites must provide a 2 year limited warranty period for the product, in case of occurrence of any imperfection in this product. It is an excellent cordless vacuum cleaner, and vacuum cleaner reviews attained by customers for this product are very positive.

Why Black & Becker CHV1410 is a Preferred Vac Cleaner


It is provided with first-rate filters that are washable and very less dust gets clogged in these filters. Design of Black& Decker CHV1410 Cordless Vac Cleaner is also very extraordinary, and its filters can be replaced from to time. You can avail special discounts on purchasing this and other best cordless vacuum cleaners from, which provided facilities like free shipping as well as gift wrapping of the product. It is a powerful equipment that can be used even to clean up mess in the kitchen area. It can be used for cleaning debris from the car, garage and patio area also. The only drawback of this vacuum cleaner is that it is a little noisy when used at high power.

Black & Decker CHV1410 Dust buster 14.4-Volt Cordless Cyclonic Hand Vac

Customer Reviews


The Black & Decker CHV1410 Dust buster 14.4-Volt Cordless Cyclonic Hand Vac Review attained by customers brings in to light the amazing features of this incredible product. It is very compact in its shape and can be used for cleaning in intricate areas. The practical features of this product are extremely reliable, and efficient cleaning techniques are guaranteed by use of this vacuum cleaner. It is stylishly designed with blue and white color. Moreover, it boasts to make available ultra strong suction power. It is a stupendous hand vacuum that comprises of a variety of exclusive features. The most important high tech functions the cleaner is made available is with 3 way filtration system. You can save a lot of your time by using this product for cleaning mess at home, as it is a perfect cleaning companion that works efficiently well with stronger suction.