Hoover Air Cordless 2-in-1 Deluxe Stick and Handheld Vacuum Review

Hoover, the original vacuum maker, has outdone itself with the HOOVER AIR CORDLESS 2-IN-1 DELUXE STICK AND HANDHELD VACUUM. The most obvious feature of this vacuum is that it has a unique 2 in 1 functionality. There is a handheld vacuum cleaner that can pop out of the stick vacuum cleaner, so you get two different types of vacuum cleaners for the price of one. This feature alone makes this vacuum one of the TOP RATED VACUUMS available today.

Some people may think that they only want a stick vacuum, so buying a 2 in 1 vacuum does not make sense. Forget about the 2 in 1 feature for a second and look at the stick vacuum. You will learn that this vacuum has a powerful and reliable stick vacuum; some have even categorized it as the BEST VACUUM CLEANER in the market. The Deluxe Stick vacuum has a seamless operation, excellent suction power, long lasting battery and it is very easy to use. All of these elements are what people want in a BEST VACUUM.

The plastic used to manufacture the vacuum is of the highest quality and has a smooth and durable feel to it. The biggest advantage of owning the Deluxe Stick is that it is versatile. Charge it up and you expect to vacuum every part of your home in one go. The handheld part can be used to clean furniture, curtains and tabletops very easily. Even if the vacuum runs out of juice in the middle, the quick charging battery will have the vacuum ready for operation in a few minutes. This is ideal for homes that are larger in size. You can vacuum, and then straighten up while it charges and get back vacuuming again.

In their efforts to manufacture the BEST HANDHELD VACUUM, Hoover has used its best innovation in the Hoover Deluxe Vacuum. The vacuum does a great job in keeping the debris from clogging up the air path. This is the reason why the vacuum offers amazingly smooth operation. This allows the efficient suction power of the vacuum to shine; which is capable of sucking up pet hair from even the most difficult of surfaces.

The operating sound of the deluxe vacuum is much lower than other vacuums that are available right now. The battery in this 2 in 1 vacuum phenomenon can offer up to 20 minutes of operation; plenty of time to vacuum multiple rooms. If you use the handheld vacuum, then the time will be split between the two, as they use the same battery. You can easily take out the canister to empty it out. Even in the most expensive and so-called BEST CORDLESS VACUUM, you will need to wrestle with the canister and then the cleanup will be hassle. You can avoid all that with the Hoover Deluxe Vacuum.

Hoover Air Cordless 2-in-1 Deluxe Stick and Handheld Vacuum

Hoover Air Cordless 2-in-1 Deluxe Stick and Handheld Vacuum

The bottom line is that the Hoover Deluxe vacuum is a multipurpose vacuum that can give you the benefits of two vacuums in one package. Go through different VACUUM CLEANER REVIEWS, and you will know that the conclusion. That this is THE BEST VACUUM CLEANER in the market is right now. So make the right choice, choose the Hoover Deluxe CORDLESS VACUUM cleaner, and enjoy two vacuum cleaners in one affordable price.

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