Dyson Dc35 Origin White Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum Review

Everyone knows the importance of a vacuum cleaner as a household item in everyday life. It is not possible to clean minute dust particles that contaminate households manually. For that all people need vacuum cleaners. They can be used to clean floors, carpets, couches or rather anything that is infested with dust particles. Every household must have a vacuum cleaner. There are vacuum cleaners within a wide variety of price range. The difference is in price is based on the strength of the cleaning motor and its other features. Dyson Dc35 Origin is one of those vacuum cleaners with great motor power and in this Dyson Dc35 Origin White Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum Review, all its features and benefits will be discussed.

Dyson Dc35 Origin White Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum

About the product


Dyson is a popular and trusted name in vacuum cleaner production. The DC35 is a digital and cordless vacuum cleaner which comes with most power efficient cleaning motor. It is the most powerful vacuum cleaner amongst cordless vacuum cleaners. It uses technology of Root Cyclone and is almost three times faster than an average cordless vacuum cleaner. The Root Cyclone method uses the principle of centrifugal force to spin dust and dirt particles and suck them inside the bin without having any loss in suction. The cleaning head comes with a pivoting head that helps it to steer around easily around any object and furniture.

It helps to remove dirt particles from carpets with help of rotating nylon bristles in the carbon fiber brush. These bristles rotate with a speed of about 1,500 rpm. It comes with a powerful 22.2 volt Li-ion battery. It also has different power modes for various cleaning purposes. It has a detachable wand with varying heights to reach high or low as per requirement making it the best handheld vacuum as well as stick vacuum.

Features provided


  • LED indicator to indicate the level of charge present.
  • Filter with lifetime warranty.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Dirt container with easy emptying feature.
  • Converts to stick vacuum or handheld vacuum.
  • Motorized brush rolling technique.
  • Suitable for the following surfaces: carpet, hard wood, multi-surface, hard floor.

Why you should buy it?


Dyson Dc35 Origin White Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum Review provides details of some of the benefits of the Dc35. This vacuum will provide a whole lot of more benefits which can be experienced on use. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Its power efficient motor is the best amongst cordless vacuums and hence makes it the best vacuum cleaner in cordless vacuum category. Its powerful motor with root cyclone technology provides great centrifuge to initiate thorough cleaning.
  • Its rotating nylon bristles at a high rpm of 1,500 initiates thorough cleaning of carpets   and mattresses with deep seated dust particles.
  • Its 22.2 volt lithium ion battery is fade free, which means it will not fade out during use and hence provides steady cleaning. Also, this battery gets recharged three times faster than an average battery.
  • The various speed and power modes allow it to be used for all kinds of cleaning purposes, hard or easy. The double power mode allows a constant cleaning for about 15 minutes, if the rolling floor head is attached, it will provide 13 minutes usage time. For very hard cleaning purposes, the MAX power mode is available, which delivers very high power cleaning for about 5 minute constant uses.
  • It has a long reach wand which can be attached to reach high or low places or difficult corners. This additional wand makes it both a handheld vacuum as well as stick vacuum. Further handling is made easy with a pivot head which can be steered easily. Hence it is undoubtedly one of the best vacuum cleaners with respect to handling.

Dyson Dc35 Origin White Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum

What others are saying


From the DC3 vacuum cleaner reviews from customers it can be concluded that this product has found great popularity and acceptance. People are impressed by its ease of handling, and it’s lightweight. The reviews also states that customers are satisfied with the deep cleaning and have found it way better than their previous vacuums. This vacuum has a velour bumper to protect furniture and walls from bumps thus making it even more popular amongst users. It is definitely the best cordless vacuum available in the Amazon site.

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